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by Brittany T. on Neotericarms Training

I have been in the military for almost 8 years and this training has helped tremendously. Everytime I went to a gunshoot, I was told something different as far as grip, trigger pull, and stance. I found the isosceles stance to be very awkward and did not help me. I know my biggest obstacle is the mental game with flinching and i have been working on that aince watching this training. As far as grip goes, I tried many different grips and none of them helped my accuracy as much as the grip taught by this training. It will take many times at the range for me to get it down into muscle memory and to be quick, but it really does help when i apply it. I loved this training because it really breaks EVERYTHING down and explains it in a way that anybody can understand it whether a novice or an expert. It never hurts to refresh yourself on training. So even if you think you don't need training, I would take a look at this because it is very informative and it could help improve your shot and learn new things to be a quicker and more accurate shot!

I found the Neoteric Online Pistol Foundation course to be extremely valuable in continuing to improve fundamental handgun skills. Shooting firearms is a perishable skill, and they say when you find yourself struggling in a certain area it is important to return to the fundamentals. My lacking skill was trigger control and the Neoteric Online Pistol Foundation course resolved my issues! The instructional videos attached to each segment of the course are very detailed and thorough. The instructor does a phenomenal job displaying what he is teaching throughout the course.
After taking this course, I feel more confident in my skills while carrying my firearm daily. The skills I have learned from this course have been tested and proven by my additional training at the range and I would highly recommend this course to anyone!

This course was a lot of fun, very informative and being able to do it from the comfort of home made it a simple no brainer when it comes to getting quality training. In these uncertain times, being properly trained is essential! This course provides that!

by Berlynn on Neotericarms Training

Prior to taking a course I had very little firearms training. I did not understand any of the concepts being behind a “good shot”. After the breakdown you receive in just 1 course it will help you understand the basics behind shooting that will transform you from a good shot to a great shot. The course is taught by skilled and knowledgeable guys that will give you skills and confidence you desire.

Solid and trusted instruction across the board. I've been though lots of courses that fall short compared to Neoteric. Beginner or experienced, you'll benefit either way.

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